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T-Shirt Quilts

Quilt Sizes


Large Throw







48" x 60"

60" x 72"

60" x 84"

80" x 92"

92" x 100"

100" x 104"

Number of shirts 








* These numbers are to be used as a guideline.

I can work with ANY number of shirts.

Custom Design


Each T-shirt quilt is a custom design.

I work with you  to create a beautiful quilt that will fit the pattern, style, color and size that you need.

Photos printed on fabric can be added for that special touch.

Additional fabric is added to compliment the style and theme of the quilt.

In the end you will have a one of a kind quilt for yourself or for the new baby, the graduate, the bride, the birthday, the anniversary. 

T-Shirt Quilt Pricing


The most popular size is the
Large Throw (48in. x 60in.) for $346.

A deposit is required up front and the remainder at the time of delivery.

Each customer has some vision of the quilt they want. Once we talk, I can give you an accurate estimated cost of your quilt and the expected wait time. The starting rate is based on size. This includes the custom design, high quality fabric and batting , professional quilting, and a personalized label. Photo printing is an additional fee. 

* Gift Certificates Available *

thank you.JPG

Thank you for the best quilt made...ever! It will be a cherished family heirloom for our son. It will start it's life at college as a bedspread. And someday, his children may picnic on it. Thank you for your expertise! - T. L. Pittsburgh


"Lori is a perfectionist in what she does. I ordered a

T- shirt quilt not knowing quite how it would turn out. What she gave me was priceless!  My husbands T-shirts from all of his deployments around the world were so beautifully and lovingly crafted together in a large quilt that we will treasure forever.  It was the perfect way to celebrate his career and weave memories for a lifetime.

Thanks Lori for your incredible work!" -Kelly

photo (6).JPG

"Lori was the perfect person for my project.

I wanted to make a tshirt blanket of my favorite shirts that I had collected. I had a specific vision for my project that wasn’t quite like anything Lori typically does. She worked with me to plan out exactly what I wanted, and the end result was just as I had imagined! She was awesome to work with and I would definitely go to her again for any project!" -- Emily S.

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