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--- Frequently Asked Questions ---

What is a t-shirt quilt?   A quilt where the top layer is made from sections of your T-shirts. A t-shirt quilt is great for….saving those special T-shirts, cuddling with, decorating a room, honoring a coach, teacher, school, profession.


What is a memory quilt?  A quilt where the top layer is made using sections of clothing from someone special. A memorial quilt is good for… Honoring fallen Hero’s, Memorializing our faithful pets, Remembering when the kids were babies, or that special shirt that Grandpa always wore. I find the grandkids enjoy hearing the stories about the clothes. And that can help in healing process after the loss of someone close to us.


What size is a good size? It depends on your need. Do you want to hang it on a wall as a piece of art? Do you want to snuggle with it while watching TV ?  Do you want to decorate a themed bedroom?  There are a list of sizes provided on the web site.

One of the most popular size is Stadium/Picnic (60 inches x 72 inches).


What if I don’t have enough shirts?  You have two options. 1. You can buy more shirts. Often you can find a wide variety of shirts at your local resale shop for a reasonable price. I suggest looking for shirts at yard sales, Good Will shops, discount stores, or ask your friends if they have any extras. OR  2. I can add matching fabric to make it the size you want.


What if the shirt has a hole or rip in it? Very often I can work around the hole, or even repair it. I have even left the rip and secured it, which added to the character of the quilt.


What if the shirt is stained? Stains add to the character of the quilt. I would suggest washing it as best you can. I can often work around the stain if needed.


What parts of the clothing can be put into the quilt?  I typically work with the front, back, and sleeve or leg. I love to use the pockets and often I can incorporate the V neck and collars, ruffles, lace.


What do you do if there are buttons or zippers? Many times I will incorporate them into the quilt, but they might not be functional.


How do you add a photograph? I take the digital file of your photograph and enter it into my editing program. I will make any needed adjustments and print it onto special Inject Fabric Sheets. If you only have the actual paper photograph, no problem, I will scan it into my computer and return the original photo to you with the quilt.


What kind of labels can be added to the quilt? I create printed labels using the same system as with the photographs. Or I will create embroidered labels. The labels are typically placed on the back of the quilt, but I have added them to the front as well. I always sign my work with a label.


How do I wash a T-shirt quilt? I recommend washing on gentle cycle, a front loading machine if possible, using a mild detergent, in cold water, warm water if it is soiled.


How do I wash a quilt? It depends on what materials are used in the quilt. If there are photos printed on fabric, I suggest washing only when necessary. This will prolong the life of the image. Hand wash the quilt if it is small enough. Otherwise, I suggest a gentle cycle, using a mild detergent, in cold water and air dry.


Are there standard patterns to choose from? My standard design is a collage layout. I will use the printing on the shirt to help direct the best layout for the size and look you are going for. But that is not written in stone. I will do a symmetrical design if prefered. 


Do you use stabilizer on the shirts? The quilts are constructed with an advanced technique that does not require the use of stabilizer. This allows the quilt to be soft and durable.


What is stabilizer? The stabilizer is a light fabric that is ironed onto the backside of fabric. It is a misconception that stabilizer must be used. It is not used when the shirts are made and it is not needed to make a quilt. Although there are special occasions where it may be used.


What kind of batting do you use? Batting is what is between the top and the back of the quilt.  A good quality batting is a must. The batting I use is made in the USA. It is a 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester 80/20 blend. Both allow the quilt to remain soft and lay nicely, as well as withstand a multitude of washings.


What is longarm quilting? Longarm quilting is when an industrial machine, that has a large area to accommodate the size of the quilt, is used to stitch the three layers of the quilt together. This stitching is a decorative design that is chosen to enhance the overall look of the quilt.


How much quilting will be done?  The quilting adds a design to the quilt and holds the three layers together. My quilting is done close together to add to the durability of the quilt, no further than every 4-6 square inches and often much closer. If the quilting is not close together, the batting will eventually tear and shift with multiple washings.


Will there be any fabric added to the quilt?  Fabric will be added to the back of the quilt and to the front only if that is the design you have agreed to. I only use quality fabric in the quilts. I have found the lower quality fabric can have a rough texture, lower thread count, leading to wearing at the seams or fading after repeated washings. I purchase 100% cotton fabric locally when it is available. All fabric is prewashed to prevent shrinkage and colors that may bleed.


What needs to be done to the clothes before I give them to you? All I ask is that they are freshly washed. Mark the most important ones that you want in the quilt. For example you may want your favorite school shirt to be in the center of the quilt. Write on a length of painter’s tape and secure it to the piece of clothing. It is good to divide the clothes into 2 categories,” must have” and “only if needed”. This helps with the layout process.


Do I have to drop off the clothes to your shop? If you are nearby, you make an appointment to bring the clothing to me. I do my best to make it convenient for both us. If you are out of town, you make arrangements to ship the clothes directly to me and the finished quilt will be shipped to you when complete.


I want a quilt made, now what? Contact me via email or phone to get the process started. I will have you answer a variety of questions to help me get an idea of what you are looking for. We will decide on a layout/size and I will give you a price.  A deposit is required before construction begins and full payment once complete. I will communicate with you throughout the process, with phone calls or email, and send you pictures if you like.


Questions I ask---

Who is the quilt for? 

What special occasion is the quilt for?

How will the quilt be used? (for display, to cuddle with)

What size do you think you want?

How many shirts do you have?

What type of layout do you like?

What color do you want the back of the quilt?

Are you local?

Do you need it by a certain date?

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