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Hello, I'm Lori and I love to quilt!

I have been making quilts since 1990, and longarm quilting since in 2005. My studio is located 25 miles west of Pittsburgh, PA., where I live with my husband and our camera shy dog. 


Sewing from an early age, I am a self-taught quilter, making my first quilt in 1990 as a wedding quilt for my future brother-in-law and his wife. As my piecing skills advanced, I wanted to do more detailed quilting and found my domestic machine lacking, so with an investment in a longarm in 2005, I now specialize in

hand-guided machine quilting.

In addition to quilting, I have found a great passion in making memory quilts.

I think because of my many years as a nurse, I recognize the importance of how memories can help us to heal and to live.

I believe life should be celebrated and that is the focus of these quilts.

I feel rewarded when people respond with great emotion as they see the quilt created from their memories.

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