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Important Tips for Preparing your Quilt Top for Quilting

The Quilt Top

  • Quilt top, batting and backing need to be separate — not basted together.

  • Press the top and trim all threads

  • Backstitch all border seams

  • Take care when adding the borders to measure the quilt in several places. Cut the border to the average of the measurements and sew it on. Walking the border strip on may cause wavy borders leading to puckering when quilted.

The Backing

  • Keep in mind when choosing the backing fabric , the same color thread is used in the bobbin and the needle.

  • A printed fabric gives the best results as it can hide stops and starts when doing custom quilting.Removing salvages from backing fabric before seaming is very important.

  • Square the backing

  • Batting and Backing need to be 8 inches larger than the finished top

  • Contact me for the details of the batting I have for sale.

The Batting

  • Batting and Backing need to be 8 inches larger than the finished top

  • Customers are welcome to bring batting for the quilt.

  • Ask for information on batting available for purchase.

Schedule an Appointment

Contact Me to schedule an appointment to drop off or to ship your quilt and to discuss quilting your quilt.

Please fill out the Order Form to include when shipping.

Shipping your Quilt

If you are from out of my area and want to send me your quilt tops for finishing,

please Contact me to reserve time for your quilt

Print and fill out the Order Form to include with your quilt.

Put the completed order form inside the box with your quilt top, batting and quilt backing, and send it out in the mail to me.

Be sure to place your quilt top in a plastic bag to protect the quilt if the box gets wet. Please remember, you must have time reserved BEFORE you ship your quilt .

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