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Longarm Quilting

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Longarm Quilting

"The Icing on the Cake"


There are several things to consider when choosing the quilting design for your quilt

  • How will the quilt be used

  • Who the quilt is for

  • Your Budget for the quilt

  • The type of quilting you Like or Dislike

  • The Style of the quilt- traditional, modern, etc.


I specialize in hand-guided machine quilting using a Gammill Classic Plus longarm machine.

A wide variety of quilting designs are available, continuous patterns , pantographs, , feathers, fillers as well as individual designs in blocks and borders.

I work closely with you to ensure you get the quilt design that will be best for your individual quilt and preference.

Longarm Quilting Prices

Quilting prices are based on the type of design and the square inch of the quilt = (length X width) 

A 80 x 80 inch queen quilt is 6400 sq. inches.

Edge to Edge Design- A more detailed continuous design, a specific border design is $0.03 per sq. inch (80 x 80 quilt = $192)


Custom Design- A design specific to compliment the quilt pattern such as outlining, stippling, feathers, or individual block designs. is $0.04 – $0.06 per sq. inch (80 x 80 quilt = $256 - 384)

Minimum quilting design charge $50.

Extra Services needed to prepare the quilt for loading on the machine i.e. squaring the backing, pressing and seam repairs. $30 / hr.

Quilter's Dream batting is available for purchase

or you may provide your own.

Prices subject to change without notice. Quoted prices are binding.

*Gift Certificates Available*


"Lori did such a wonderful job of quilting my block of the month quilt. When I entered Lori’s work room, she had a beautiful quilt hanging on her display wall, I thought to myself what a great quilt not even realizing it was mine! She takes the time to analyze the quilt to pick designs that bring out the beauty of the design and colors. She quilted a quilt that I made for my sister for Christmas and it was lovely and soft just like a bed quilt should be." -- Marsha K.


"I was a business owner myself for many years doing garment alteration. I "found" Lori when she walked into my shop with her business fliers and a relationship was born! I don't have time to quilt as many items as I'd like so I use her services infrequently but she does beautiful work and I will never go anywhere else. I usually ask her to do whatever she thinks is best for a quilt, and sometimes we put our heads together and discuss ideas. I'm always confident leaving a project in her hands and letting her take the lead. She loves what she does and it shows." -Diane B.


"She provides guidance regarding appropriate fabric types, patterns, and colors, as well as, what will work and not work.  Her vision for a completed quilt is a gift and a wonder.  She has nurtured my appreciation for the artistry of quilts and the intimacy of the art form. I marvel at Lori’s creative genius and delight in her friendship." -- Denise T.

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